About The Heart Of the Sun

Greetings fellow traveler.
Welcome to this stopover on the internet where together, we can share thoughts, stories, ideas and experiences which will hopefully make each of us better. This site is designed to encourage and inspire the philosopher and the devotee within each of us. We are all on a Spiritual Journey together in which we view the universe through different sets of eyes, yet have a common purpose and destination. May we all continue to seek that truth within us which will set us on that journey of fulfilling our purposes and reaching our destinations.
Do read, browse, take a thought or leave one of your own on our blog. Please feel free to email me if you want to initiate contact or to rebuild and continue on a relationship which had crumpled due to our lack in communication. This, I plan on improving going forward.

My first book, 'THe Heart of the Sun' has been published and is available at http://www.authorhouse.com/Bookstore, Amazon.com, Barnes & Nobles and other sites and will be available in hard cover, paperback as well as eBook for eBook readers. It describes growing up as a little boy in No. 66 Village, in Corentyne, Berbice, Guyana, in South America as most of the kids at that time. Please peruse my book on these sites and buy if it fits into your reading category and interest and please do recommend to other readers as well. Please see The Author page within this website for more information about 'The Heart of the Sun'.

I am also working on a few more ideas on which I would love your input/opinion as we travel in this journey through time. Please see the other pages highlighting our Heroes, Pandit Budhram Mahadeo and Pandita Rajkumaree Mahadeo and other teachers of a time past, yet who were well ahead of their times. There are other pages on this site which contains moral stories, philosophy, ideas on spirituality, pictures of places in Guyana, the environment, Mother Earth, and Prayers. As you browse through, please share with your contacts.

Your thoughts will be very much appreciated since this is one of the most important ways in which we can keep getting better. Thank you for your precious time which you have used to either read my book, visit this website or both.

Our Mission:
Through this website, our Yajnas and Sanskars (Pandit Dr. Yog B Mahadeo & Pandit Jag B Mahadeo) which we perform all over Guyana, America and other countries, our primary mission is to influence change for the positive, in the minds of every visitor, listener or those who participate in our Yagnas, so that they take away at least one idea, or one thought which is life changing.